Restor8 and the WW2 Connection

Restor8 Design Solutions has just finished working with a client who took us on a journey into the past. We were asked to photograph and retouch several medals and emblems from WW2 complete with documents and newspaper articles documenting the backstory.

The medals belonged to our client’s uncle who reached the rank of Major in the British Army. He received the Military Cross for Gallantry in World War 2. He was also mentioned in Dispatches 4 times this was a report from very high senior officers at the highest level he received 2 brass oak leave emblems for bravery. he also received various campaign medals and 2 military stars (similar to campaign medals)


The image below is an accurate drawing of the battlefield scene in which, our client’s uncle features in. The battlefield scene took place in Germany during the height of World War 2. The Royal Artillery were positioned in the long grasses watching troops glide and parachute into the battle zone. They witnessed phosphorous shells exploding in the horizon around them.

We are not sure fully what happened after however we do know that they proceeded to move into various artillery positions along the way.


Restor8 Design Solutions take your history seriously and we love nothing more than listening to the fascinating backstory that comes with every piece we work on.